Extreme Hockey Sauce Catcher

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Take your sauce to the extreme. The Extreme Sauce Catcher from Better Hockey is the perfect portable training aid for perfecting your passing and practicing your saucer pass. Made from the same quality materials that the professional nets are made from, these miniature versions are equally sturdy, while being far more portable. With its heavy-duty and adjustable carrying strap, you can practice saucing at the beach, or your backyard, or indoors—there’s no limit to where you can take your Extreme Sauce Catcher. And thanks to its spring loaded design, the Extreme Sauce Catcher is quick to set up and take down. The net holds up to 40 pucks so you can spend more time perfecting your saucer pass and less time retrieving pucks. Get 2 Extreme Sauce Catchers and let the competition and fun begin. You’ll be the hit of the tailgate when you bring the hockey enthusiasts version of corn hole toss. Only in this game instead of tossing bean bags into the corn hole, your saucing pucks into the net. Great for hockey, and non-hockey players of all ages. Our Extreme Sauce Catcher is great for both kids and adults alike and it’s simple for any skill level too.

Key Features

  • THE PERFECT PASS PERFECTOR: Float a saucer pass like it’s riding on a cloud, and up your precision passing with this mini hockey net saucer pass training aid
  • PRO-QUALITY NET: Made from the same professional quality materials as the official nets, these fully assembled miniature versions are just as sturdy and far more portable
  • HIGH-CAPACITY: Capable of holding up to 40 pucks, the Extreme Pro Sauce Catcher lets you spend more time perfecting your pass, then retrieving pucks
  • EXTREME PORTABLE FUN: Because the Extreme Pro Sauce Catcher is so portable now you can sauce in your backyard, indoors, or even sauce on the beach—there’s no limit to where you can sauce
  • GREAT FOR TAILGATE SAUCING: Put your saucing skills to the test with this travel-friendly iceless hockey game of saucing that any skill-level can play, and with its spring-loaded design it’s quick to set up and easy to take down

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Better Hockey

Extreme Hockey Sauce Catcher

$89.95 CAD $99.95 CAD

The best and coolest small hockey net on the market. Excellent design, high quality materials, spring loaded and collapsible for easy transportation. Saucer passing has become an extremely vital part of every hockey players’ game. The Extreme Hockey Sauce Catcher is all you need to practice accurate passing. Built to keep up with rough handling from hockey players. Easily holds up to 40 pucks. Removable steel studs on the rear feet for traction. NOTE! The shooting pad on the pictures is not included.


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