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Interview with Better Hockey Ambassador Aleksi Salminen

Interview with Better Hockey Ambassador Aleksi Salminen

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your journey in hockey?

I'm Aleksi Salminen, a 10-year-old ice hockey player from Finland. I started ice hockey when I was 3 years old, and now I play in Hämeenlinna Pallokerho in the U11 team. I have always been enthusiastic about ice hockey and other sports, but mostly team sports. I played floorball when I was 9 years old and golf, but now I play ice hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer, we also go once a week with some ice hockey friends to play floorball and soccer.

What aspects of hockey do you find the most captivating and enjoyable?

 I like scoring goals, skating hard and making tricks the most

 How important is practicing at home for a hockey player's development? 

Active free time and independent training are really important. However, we still spend quite a few hours a week on the ice with the team, so playing games with friends and playing tricks and playing on our own field at home is really nice and important. It only develops so much that there are many repetitions. Practice makes perfect applies here as well. It is really important to do a lot of work in your own time. Which doesn't feel like work though :)

Have you had a chance to use some of “Better hockey” products? If yes, could you share your thoughts and experience with them? 

I have quite a lot of Better Hockey products at home, and I like them all a lot. All of these help me develop my shooting, stick handling, skating and all other areas that are needed for hockey.

 If we compare with traditional hockey training methods, how do you think “Better hockey” training aids stand out or are more effective?

Better Hockey products are good-looking, high-quality and really suitable for independent training. And the prices of the products are reasonable, not too expensive.

What advice do you offer to other hockey players who are aiming to use the future “Better Hockey” products to elevate their game to the next level?

 Use Better Hockey products to build yourself a good and functional shooting kit complex, i.e. a decent shooting platform, a sturdy goal and a background net behind the goal so that you can shoot to the fullest without causing damage to your neighbors.

 You should think about which area or areas you would like to develop, then get the product / products that support it.

 Cheers to everyone's training!

 T: Aleksi Salminen, U11 HPK 


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