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Extreme Hockey Stick Rack

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Stay Goal Oriented. Whether you’re a skate prodigy, an intermediate goalie, or a beginner learning the ropes, keeping your gear in top condition is a crucial part of excelling at any sport. Being a hockey or baseball player often comes with a rigorous schedule that can quickly convert even the most streamlined space into chaos in no time. Better Hockey’s original Extreme Stick Rack declutters your space and guards your equipment against damage and daily wear and tear. This durable ABS plastic organizer can hang up to 6 junior and senior-size shafts, keeping kids and adult players ready to get in the game without delay. Can your storage strategy keep up? Handling your equipment with care can eliminate expensive repair and replacement costs while converting your shed, garage, or storage area into an efficient, clutter-free space. Our lightweight [4.25 x 23.5 x 3.12-inch] racks are quick and easy to set up and use, with mounting brackets that can be installed into any drywall or stud wall. Each set comes with all the needed hardware to mount your rack in no time, weighs only [1.5-pounds], and holds up to [60 pounds]. This no-fuss horizontal hanger kit can grip any conventional hockey stick or baseball bat, making it easy to grab and go during busy days of school, practice, and work. These racks also make great gifts for busy players of all ages. Our sleek storage organizer displays a motivational quote that reads “If You Think Practice Is Boring, Try Sitting On The Bench.” At Better Hockey, we pride ourselves in offering players the best hockey training aids in the industry to keep them motivated at the rink and on the field. Our brand cuts out the middlemen, allowing us to offer pricing, quality, and value you just can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re part of a youth, mens, or women's team, having the right accessories can set you up for success. Stay ahead of the curve and on top of your game with all the tools you need.

Key Features

  • STREAMLINE YOUR SPACE: Better Hockey’s high-impact ABS plastic Extreme Stick Rack is designed for durability and efficiency, keeping your hockey sticks and baseball bats off the floor and your indoor storage space clean and organized
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: This no-fuss horizontal organizer arrives with all the required hardware, can be installed in minutes into any drywall or stud wall, and is ready for immediate use by your favorite sports player
  • THE PERFECT FIT: This lightweight 4.25 x 23.5 x 3.12-inch rack weighs only [1.5-pounds] yet holds up to [60 pounds] and can store up to 6 junior and senior size shafts [with built in concave pockets that can fit any standard size puck, ball, wax, and more]
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: This innovative [double-decker] equipment holder can be installed in any garage, shed, or storage spot and is made to display your gear while keeping it safe, upright, and straight to prevent damage and wear and tear
  • QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON: Our world-class hockey training products and gifts are carefully crafted and trusted by professionals to help players perform and keep their skills sharp on and off the ice

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Better Hockey

Extreme Hockey Stick Rack

$69.95 CAD $79.95 CAD
A super smart stick rack with space for six hockey sticks. Designed to get your hockey sticks off the ground. Finally you can keep those sticks separated and organized. Has a cool quote that shows what it's all about.


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